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NET v1. Read Am I Still Autistic? Read Amazing Buildings! Read Can a Darwinian be a Christian? Read Die-hards in the Great War: v. Read Read Write Inc. Read Sails. Life is made up of choices and keeping the same old choices time after time is much like the definition of insanity. New habits and routines can be helpful and healing even though they are never easy to implement. What will Leo choose? To work harder in pursuit of a outdated willful purpose, or to consider a new creations that emerge from newly adopted routines? Will they find joy in developing new habits or will they complain and procrastinate about the work and effort they think it involves?

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Is Virgo a happy camper with Saturn in Capricorn? Capricorn is an earth sign like Virgo and there is an agreeableness involved, however, Saturn's psychological archetype has a reputation of being a task master and here in a place of creativity for Virgo they may not like being pushed to be creative unless they push themselves. Those born later in the sign it can be before these effects are felt. The choices for Virgo have a theme around work and creativity where they can choose to let creativity drive the sense of responsibility, or they can choose to let responsibility override creativity?

Will their reputation for creativity thrive or will they create a reputation for responsibility? It is simply a matter of choice, not a right or wrong choice. Saturn in Capricorn gives the Libra a test around security and family issues. This is the midnight hour for the Libra where Saturn is going to test their very foundations of security.

Will Libra choose to be a home beacon of safety and refuge, or will they see any challenge or changes at home as a threat to their security? Saturn in the Libra's life for the next few years can test the structures supporting their home and both material and psychological structures can feel constrained. Choosing the right balance is the name of the game for Libra.

Saturn in Capricorn for a Scorpio will put a focus or a task on learning. It could be a matter of reassessing their immediate environment or finding their life's lessons presented through their immediate environment. Exploring ideas and making sense of experience is a likely a preoccupation for Scorpio's born early in the sign.

For those born in early November it will be their turn next year. Whatever Scorpio does they do thoroughly, but only if they are passionate about the subject. Taking classes and learning from new experiences will be taken seriously leaving no stone unturned. However, there is a choice in all this that might resemble a win or lose scenario when the most desirable positions or opportunities get delayed or denied.

This is when it's hard to see the opportunity within the challenge, and a choice comes up for Scorpio to either bury their desires, if achievement doesn't seem to be possible, or there is the choice to go to the other extreme and move mountains to be what they want to be? Those mountains can be psychological mountains seen as barriers.

Is Sagittarius with Saturn in Capricorn feeling like there is never enough money? And the funny part of this is that it doesn't matter how much money they have it is not enough to fulfill their dreams.

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Here we find that Saturn's archetype mirrors some lessons and responsibility around how money and possessions fit into the big philosophical picture of what a Sagittarius perceives as valuable about life. Will the Sagittarius choose to go with their natural impulsiveness and generosity without any thought of discipline, or will they choose to be generous to those things of lasting value?

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The values in question here represent a choice between immediate gratification or those that will remain useful over time. A Sagittarius might see well into the future but they tend to act impulsively in the moment and Saturn mirrors a challenge when impulsive actions impact the deeper values they hold for life itself. Will the Sagittarius choose sustainable values or transient values?

Saturn in Capricorn influences those born with the Sun in Capricorn in familiar ways and this means a reinforcement of the Capricorn's tendency to exert their tenacious nature to achieve success. But still there are choices in how that tenacity is put to work.

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Will Capricorn be the uncompromising boss and a law unto themselves? Or will the Capricorn build a reputation for bringing out the best in people to achieve the goals they seek? Saturn does not represent success in the short term but rather motivates for long term stability and lasting success and this requires tenacity which Capricorn has by its own nature.

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The choices for Capricorn with Saturn in this sign will be about how they use people to reach their goals. Will the ends justify the means or does it matter more how success was achieved? The self imposed law by which a Capricorn operates in life is the same law that governs their reputation and this law is easily broken and difficult to repair. A Capricorn's choices over the next few years impacts on their visibility and interaction with others. Life is manifesting all around them and seemingly coming out of nowhere. The exception is that Aquarian that sees how daily routines and habits will become, sooner or later, a reality in their life.

The Houses are truly what make astrology so spectacular. Each House signifies a component of life, but none of these subsections exist within a silo: The Twelve Houses also operate as a single unit, a collective that comprises the entire degree wheel. To understand the meaning of the Houses in your own life, calculate your birth chart by simply plugging your time, date, and location of birth into astrology software, like what Astro. Though the Houses are fairly complex, I'll try to explain them as simply as possible.

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The birth chart is divided into twelve equal sections, which comprise the Houses. Accordingly, when reading a birth chart, astrologers fuse these two systems together.

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Since the Houses rotate every 24 hours, it is essential to use your correct time of birth when calculating your chart. The Houses also shift every four minutes, so even individuals born on the same day will have radically different natal charts depending on whether their birth time was morning or night. Why is that a big deal? How do you even begin to read this thing? Up next, find out how to transform your birth chart into your celestial compass. There are certain areas that are filled with symbols, while others are entirely empty. Which way is up? Which is down?

And what do those symbols mean?

As it turns out, reading a chart is actually extremely straightforward. But to get started, you first need to find your anchor: the Ascendant.