Pisces the beauty horoscope

Cancer is the sign that oversees your house of creativity, dating, and the other spices of life. You will have a lot more energy to make art and socialize starting mid-May. Put your energy towards taking care of your closest friends. There is an emotionally energetic full moon in Scorpio on Saturday, May 18 , illuminating your house of higher beliefs.

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All of the things that you spent the beginning of the month learning about come to fruition during this full moon as you apply new knowledge. You are aware of the undercurrents of life, Pisces — there is a shadow to every light. With this full moon, you can see all sides of the story and use this perspective to expand your horizons. The end of May pushes you to focus on both home and family life.

The sun moves into Gemini on Tuesday, May 21 , lighting up the domestic sector of your chart. With Mercury close behind the sun's train, take time to learn about those you live with: family members, roommates, perhaps domestic partners.

Taurus season brings a focus to aesthetics and creature comforts. This Pisces Full Moon is causing you to lose your usual cool and feel a bit mentally out of balance. Just stay away from making big life decisions during this time and focus on your health and balance instead. This is a very tender moment for you, Scorpio.

Beneficial Thought: Love Horoscopes When Venus Enters Pisces

The focus is on working hard and doing the proper mental work to not only access abundance but also witness it all around you. You could go on a short trip, which would reveal itself impactful.

This Full Moon in Pisces is going to deeply connect you to your inner wisdom and inner knowing. If there are some elements of secrecy around you, do know you have the capacity to uncover these secrets by focusing on your inner knowing and intuition. This Full Moon in Pisces is waking you up. Now is a time to wake up, release, and move on. Inner work is good, but sometimes, you have to actually get up and go do what you need to do. For more astrology from me, check out my weekly forecasts. If she, or he, comes downstairs to finish up the night… Voila!

The kitchen is sparkling and they can have that glass of wine now and just… breathe. They will feel so much closer to you for that thoughtfulness. Those details are going to matter and make you more productive and successful in love. What will those changes be, Libra? After the Spring Equinox, Venus enters Pisces and your fifth house of pleasures and true love , and this is going to make life and love very fun for you in the coming weeks, Sagittarius. And with Mercury already here, that love and fun are only going to multiply.

You are floating in romance and you may not even know why. Now you do. Soak it up. This is the kind of love that has you floating on cloud 9. It could be a simple pleasure of life that has you floating here now too. Follow the romance and put some spark into it. Or, just find a way to enjoy life more. The roots of the matter and the very foundations that make you feel whole are going to be the themes for you over the next several weeks, Sagittarius. When Venus enters Pisces, you have your fourth house of roots and foundations in the spotlight for a few weeks.

This means that your actual home, in addition to the foundations that create your legacy, are under the spotlight as well. You could consider moving in with a lover, improving your current home, or just sticking to the brass tax of the matter… roots, and your home base. Have more romantic dates at home, or begin preparing your home for a potential lover. Remember your roots, and Venus helps you to attract some exciting things. Legacies, ancestors, your home and your buildings. Who you are as a person is all related to these roots in your life, and they are going to be themes you are working through over the next few weeks.

These themes contribute to your sense of Self, and your pride in these areas shows. Blessings from the home will arrive and multiply. Home is where your heart is. Who is there with you, Sag? Communication becomes your special superpower in the coming weeks, Capricorn, and that is due to the fact that your communication sector is lit up after the Spring Equinox.

When Venus enters Pisces, she works your third house of communication and will launch a wonderful time with who you communicate with the most. Reach out and touch someone, Capricorn! Your social media will light up, letters will be all a flurry, and you are going to be busy busy busy. At the same time, if there are any wrinkles in life, all you need to do is use the power of loving words to make it all better.

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  • Reach out and touch someone, Capricorn. Who will that be? When Venus enters Pisces, Aquarius , after the arrival of the Spring Equinox, you will see some happy energy touch your second house of earned income. You are feeling a push and pull between love and money.

    Pisces Health Horoscope | Pisces Health Astrology

    Why not have both? Your second house is also a house of self-confidence, and that means that right now, your ability to earn is directly tied to your sense of self-esteem. Focus more on ways of earning that tap into that part of you that feels great when you create. Save your money, and make more creative dates.

    How about a sculpting class?

    How Does Venus in Pisces Impact Love?

    Something that exercises your own brain while stoking the romantic swirls of emotions. When you feel confident, your love life soars. But your finances are tied to this one. How are you balancing that, Aquarius? You are in a prime position right now as Spring arrives and Venus shines in your first house of self and new beginnings. This is true in matters most related to your sense of Self and who the world is seeing. The good news is that with Spring, a new day arrives, and for now it is your day to have. For good. Time to start some new cycles in love and come from your inner truth.

    When you show who you are to the world, Pisces, they are going to really, really love it. You may have a buffet of suitors. Just do you, baby. Let it shine, shine, shine. Where are you letting Venus shine in, Pisces? There you have it! Everything you need to know in order to get started on those romantic dreams. Do you want to start love? Or work on an existing relationship to take it to an exotic and romantic new beginning?