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In addition, everyone who is willing to donate garments, canned food, and all items which might alleviate these moments for those who have lost everything, can make a contact via the following E-mail address tatjana. Whopping rise was registered with all Web portals, except the Macedonian portal ubavinaizdravje. Rise is also actual with all three Android applications - svet.

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The data by ABC Srbija referring to this January, register status quo of circulation figures of leading daily newspapers, followed by rise registered with some magazines. The chart does not include magazines distributed free of charge. The data by ABC Srbija referring to December register slight rise in the circulation figures of the leading daily newspapers. The chart does not include magazines distributed for free. As well as its print edition, this Web portal will follow the lives of national and foreign celebrities, revealing all their secrets.

Other CPG portals - Svet.

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Data by ABC Srbija referring to October register further fall of circulation figures of the leading daily newspapers, and mild growth with most of the magazines. Marketing, PR, branding, communications, social networks, digital media, rating and other terms became a part of our everyday life, but still it remains unclear whether we fully understand the terms, and use them with the aim to create new values.

The success is even more relevant bearing in mind that November is shorter by one day from the previous month. For the first time, the portal lepotaizdravlje. This year's conference took place in Metropol Palace Hotel and for the past five years, it has been the biggest gathering of regional leaders of media industry.

Its goal is being acquainted with new technologies and channels of distribution of information, new options for income increase from advertising, transparent business operations and exchange of opinions and experiences of media leaders. Before the panel on the topic of digitalisation of magazines, president of Color Press Group, Robert Coban, spoke about the new media products of his company and represented the chronology of the structure of income in CPG from onwards.

Veselin Simonovic, editor-in-chief of Blic, daily, Ratko Dmitrovic, general manager and editor-in-chief of Novosti, daily, Dragoljub Zarkovic, editor-in-chief of Vreme, weekly and Zoran Stanojevic, editor at RTS spoke about journalism ethics and new media. Color Press Group portals in October have reached record-breaking 8.

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Portal svet. The conference gathered experts from the area of communications, media, film, psychology, music, sports and many other areas related to the behaviour, consumer, social and cultural habits and needs of teenagers. Among the lecturers and panelists, there were many public persons who deal with this subject in their line of work. Panel discussion was conducted by Galeb Nikacevic, with the participation of a high student Aleksa Balasevic son of Djordje Balasevic who admitted that he goes to rafts, but that he sometimes also listens to the opera!

Children are able to use two mobile phones at the same time. When they do not understand study subjects, they use the internet in order to broaden their knowledge. I try to keep them interested, as much as I can, so that they are active in the class.


I hope that we will soon have WiFi installed in our classrooms. As a chemistry professor, I find it amusing that students became interested in chemistry by watching 'Breaking Bad' TV series. In Serbia, the whole story is a government project. We are the only country that supports and uses groups supporter and hooligan groups! Be heroes in these non-heroic times and isolate hooligans from your environment! I decided not to go to the matches any more when I realised that the stands are not a place for support, but a place for recruitment! It is completely different when you grow up with social networks.

Digital communication is essential for today's generations. Technology is what separates the old from the young. Teenagers are digital natives and their parents are digital immigrants.

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In foreign reality shows, people like Simon Cowell are looking for talented singers who will later make them money. That is a difference between a domestic and foreign reality shows. Data of ABC Serbia related to August show a slight drop in circulation of the leading daily newspapers and slight rise in circulation of majority of magazines. It is followed by ALO! Novosti recorded a slight rise, so average circulation in August was , July ,, June ,, May ,, April ,, March ,, February , This month, and in previous months as well, out of 20 best-selling magazines in Serbia, Color Press Group publishes 15, Axel Springer Ringier publishes 2 and Adria Media Serbia publishes 2 magazines among the Top Duska Jovanic was the moderator of this interesting discussion.

One of the conclusions of the panel discussion was that Serbia offers quality food and very good wines, but that people still do not know much about that offer. Zdravko Brkic objects to domestic hotels and restaurants for not promoting Serbian wines enough. The topic of the round table was women's health in Serbia. What can we do regarding prevention, what are the factors that are the most detrimental to women's health, how much women are responsible for themselves, and to what extent are the community, their family, their company and wider social community responsible for her?

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Questions such as: what are the rights of women when they get ill and who is representing their rights, which laws are not working for us and what are the chances for them to change, were addressed by prof dr Dubravka Stojanovic, prof dr Dragana Bogdanovic-Stojanovic, radiology specialist, dr Milica Janicijevic, gynaecology and obstetrics specialist, dr Mirjana Tatarevic, psychiatry specialist, prof dr Dusko Ilic, fitness expert, ass.

In , average life expectancy of Serbian women was 39, and 49 for men. Divorced women lived 35 years on average! In , there were deceased girls aged on 76 boys! If these trends continue, in 15 years, every other woman will get breast cancer! Self-inspection is not enough! How many of you dye your own hair? Give your health at least as much time as you give your hair,! After a slight drop in the number of visits during August and holiday season, internet portals of Color Press Group once again record a rise in visits during September.

Color Press Group recognised the quality, since this magazine has ensured its longevity with rich content aimed at all fishermen and nature lovers. The main features of this magazine are quality photographs, modern design and interesting columns written by excellent fishermen and ecologists.

Magazine is characterised by a modern aproach to all fishing techniques which gives the readers fully informative columns with concise and adequate solutions for every situation. Columns with rich content offer advice, recommendations and experiences for fishermen with various interests and of different age groups.

This is not just another fishing magazine. Our goal is an honest and open attitude towards nature and people, advancement of the environment and improvement of the quality of life. We want rich fishing sources which will enable every fisherman and a friend of nature to enjoy various activities. Villa has the perfect view of Rome and Vatican and it was the venue of the party themed after the famous Wyler's classic with Audrey Hepburn.

It caprivated the spirit of the s, when the movie was shot: oldtimers, Vespas, newspaper street sellers, a band playing s music, shoe cleaners, hair-dressers, paparazzi Villa Miani from was the perfect venue for the beginning of the 39th Congress of magazine publishers which gathered over delegates from around the world. As the largest magazine publisher in SEE region, Color Press Group publishes 64 magazines, owns 11 internet portals and several conferences at the territory of all the six republics of former Yugoslavia.

At the exhibition, which will be opened by November 2, the painting will be displayed in public for the first time after the restoration. Many public persons from the world of culture and media were present, as well as Prince Aleksandar Karadjordjevic and Princess Katarina, who made the opening of the exhibition even more grand. Visitors had a chance to hear interesting details related to the creation of the painting, but also about its restoration at the conservation and restoration department of Matica srpska Gallery. After that, the exhibition was officially opened by Slavisa Grujic, secretary for culture and information of the AP of Vojvodina.

Following the trend from previous years, in August the number of visits to CPG portals decreased, as a result of holiday season traditionally, in August the circulation of newspapers is at its highest, while the level of visits to portals is at its lowest. Nevertheless, certain portals registered a rise in August, even record-breaking: Svet Android application registered From now on, all Macedonian ladies will be able to inform themselves of the latest fashion and beauty trends, discover best recipes, find out news about celebrities, get advice on alimentation, exercises, care and upbringing of children, but also to read interesting texts on other favourite female topics — horoscope, love and sex.

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In addition, we are preparing other news for our readers, namely the Android application of the portal Lepotaizdravlje. As many as five trainees from the previous, spring semester, have already started working on portals and magazines belonging to CPG. FEE: 9. The latest reports of ABC Srbija concerning May reveal a decline in circulation of all daily newspapers.

Magazine "Scandal" recorded a spike in sales, from In May, as in the previous months, Color Press Group published 15 out of 20 best-selling magazines in Serbia. Although over the previous years, summer months implied a drop in visits to Web portals belonging to CPG, this year this has not been the case!

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Rise in number of visits and loaded pages is present every month, and the reason lies in the Android application for svet. Overall, all CPG portals: absolute record in number of visits - 8. Many celebrities, business partners, and associates of the best-selling Montenegrin magazine came to celebrate the jubilee together with the editorial staff members. Campari Orange Passion, provided by G3 Spirits, great music and the vicinity of the sea made the atmosphere of the party relaxing and cheerful from the very beginning.

When the party ended the guests received presents from Cosmetics, which made them very pleased. National Association gathers 10 Serbian newspaper and magazine publishers and will work on the enhancement of business climate in the publishing industry, by giving amendments to bills that will unburden the publishing business already endangered by the economic crisis, and it will also cooperate with other professional associations and companies like journalist associations, bookshop associations, distributor associations, advertisers, news agencies, TV stations It was also decided that two more vice presidents will be appointed in September, Miroslav Vajda was appointed as general secretary.

The National Association will hand in its amendments to the Adverizing bill, and suggest some other iniciatives the will contribute to the enhancement of publishing business in Serbia. We believe that alongside all those pieces of information from the life of domestic and foreign celebrities, interesting facts from the entire world and similar entertaining themes — our readers should have a daily dosage of news from the field of culture!

fl-bezverkhaya.com/profiles/70-tienda-azithromycin-250mg.php Also registered was an absolute record in the number of loaded pages - Dr Ana Gifing revealed that food must be adjusted to each person individually, because a food product that suits one person does not necessarily suit the other, and therefore the principle of balanced feeding provides best results. In addition to revealing what motifs prompted them to launch a blog, and how it looks to prepare everything throughout the process, almost all of them agreed that GMO food is not good, because it contains more water and carbohydrates, thus lacking nutritive and aromatic ingredients which make us enjoy the food.