Number 14 birthday ideas

How to Celebrate a Teenager's Birthday

They are very independent and are not trying to put responsibilities on the other's shoulders. They have the rare ability to adequately perceive any situation and the desire to constantly feel their inextricable link with the outside world.

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Whatever happens, they are trying to learn their lessons even from a negative experiences. Their outward calmness conceals a riot of emotions and a state of internal variability. Sometimes there is impulsiveness in their actions, in some situations people of Number 14 are quite unpredictable.

Choosing their priorities, they often rely on intuition. They like to live a full, rich life.


Those born with Number 14 are dynamic, hardworking and able to find optimal ways to achieve their goals. The changes are encouraging them and helping to be always in shape. Indeed, any change means finding new impetus in life, the emergence of new ideas and expanding the sphere of activity. In dealing with people Number 14 feels quite free, but sometimes they might be too straightforward, they should not bring their conversations to the thoughtless, harsh words.


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Positive attitude towards life gives them the opportunity to have it all: a perfect lover, true friends, interesting and creative work. People of Number 14 should avoid indulgence, they need to maintain balance and harmony in life.

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Success in life is achieved through the moderation in all aspects of life. Emotional characteristics. These people are not warming up immediately to anyone they see in front of them, and love for Number 14 is not a quick and easy thing. On the other hand, they have a lot of excellent qualities, and they usually are quite attractive to the opposite sex. They are courteous and diplomatic.

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Mermaid clowns! All it takes is a bit of imagination and ingenuity to create new traditions that make the birthday child feel special Is your little one an early riser? Start the day with a salute to the sunrise —preferably from an unusual perch, like the roof of your building if you have access, or a river or shorefront. Or watch the sunset the night before the big day, and wave goodbye to being 4 or 5, or Dream aloud about good things that might happen in the coming year, and the perks of being a year older.

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Dish up a special birthday breakfast , complete with candles and a round of "Happy Birthday. Why not! If possible, get up early and make your kid's favorite breakfast or find the time to make it together. Blow up a bunch of regular latex balloons early in the morning while your kid is sleeping; fill a room or the hall with them as a surprise.

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Wear costumes all day. Weather permitting, take a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge yes, in costume! Check the MommyPoppins events calendar for a list of all the free events happening on your child's birthday. You might find some amazing options. Sneak a love note into their lunch box. Photo by Mommy Poppins.

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Put a surprise birthday note or card in your child's lunch bag , backpack, or coat pocket telling them how much you love them. Take a trip to the local library. Spend a cozy hour or so picking out some books or movies or music to bring home, birthday kid's choice. Your library card you have one, too, right? Set up a scavenger hunt in a local park. Write up age-appropriate clues or create an audio file on your smartphone , and see how long it takes the birthday child to find all the items.

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