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Firstly, I really felt let down by the debate or the nature of the topic. Well, well, you are all wrong!.

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Boys were cornered by girls as they were talking more statstically and boys are just giving some traditional replies. Explore and engage in riveting education debate topics, including debates about school uniforms, testing and much more. On one side we had young men who represented the today's 'boys'. He asked her daughter to make a call to him. Check out world's most.

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Neeya Naana stars and Gopinath as Anchor. Tamil Neeya? English: You? Public r being victimised by doctors and they r made a scapegoat when they go to them. He is basically from Aranthangi village of Pudukottai district. Tweet Share on Facebook. Gobinath Chandran who is now called as Neeya Naana Gopi became very famous after hosting this show.

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Following a stint as an accountant, Sethupathi began considering an acting career. Connexion Vijay TV Connexion Ayurveda not a word it is the science of life to make human healthy. Mother, Where's My Dowry? Funny Videos - Young girls lay down their demands as to what their parents should provide as dowry. As long as you know how you can keep yourself enjoying taking the best of both worlds…the traditional, conservative and cultural flavor or the modern.

Other Websites Of Interest. It brings together separate sections of the society and allow them to debate themselves on a topic that effects them the most and they have freedom to share their views, opinions and counter arguments. Maecenas mattis, tortor ut posuere aliquam. The topic of discussion interested it me as it was about what makes a boy a good boy. Check and have fun. And that this is definitely a post bashing those women. Separated they live in Bo okmarks grove right at the coast of the semantics a large language ocean which is great. Neeya naana and vijay tv programs.

ஜோசியம் உண்மையா?பொய்யா? நம்பலாமா?நம்பக்கூடாதா??

Facebook gives people the power to share and. Get more expert sex advice from The Nest. Neeya naana has always been that way.

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Get the all latest Srilanka news, breaking news, video, audio, photos and feature stories. Neeya Naana 23 Seasons Episodes TalkShow PG Tamil Star Vijay A talk show where two polarised groups of society are brought together on a common platform to share their views and see a different perspective on socially-relevant topics. Can you please tell the email id of vijay tv neeya naana gopinath?. It is a syndicated program where two captivated gatherings of society are united on a typical stage to share their perspectives and see an alternate point of view on socially-important themes.

Its a locally produced movie.

Neeya Naana Talk show : A worst level of making your emotions burst out.

Neeya Naana is on Facebook. No sooner did I watch his episode with Balumahendra fair vs dusky and dream to particpate in this show some time than the call from a friend asking me if I wanted to participate in Neeya Naana conducted by the very same. To connect with Neeya Naana, join. Gobi began his career in with United Television and later he went on to join Raj Television Network. In , he started his position with Neeya Naana. He has been an anchor for television series such as Makkal Yaar pakkam , Nadanthadhu enna?

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En Makkal in He was a radio jockey RJ at Radio City , and hosted their breakfast shows. He has written five books. The first was a collection of poems, Theruvellam Devathaigal , and was published in The second book, Please indha Puthagathai vaangatheenga was based on personality development which is still topping the charts and has sold over 4 lakh copies till date.

The third was a self-motivating and self-analysing book called Neeyum Naanum. Gobinath's fourth book is Ner Ner Thema , a collection of interviews. Likewise, here in the show there were two groups. On one side, were public people. The show begun with the question, 'How do the public judge or identify to be a genuine astrologer? Many people came out with different points on how and what basis they trust an astrologer.

Secondly, Gopinath questions the astrologers, 'what do you say will happen this year? The Astrologers came up telling that there would be storm in November, definitely earthquake, religious riots, any leader will be killed and so on Most funny thing said is, America and Pakistan will join hands to attack India. One of them said that Indian economy will get higher leading to value of Indian rupees higher. One last was, crops will be too much in demand.

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Then the show actually started when the astrologers were asked to tell their predictions on each zodiac. Ofcourse, most of the astrologers said it will happen. And a few said it wouldn't. I personally fell that the entire discussion wasn't a healthy one. Because, Gopinath mentions in the beginning that this show is not to debut whether astrology is true or not Whether to believe or not to